What Is Karnal Famous For? Here Are The 6 Fascinating Facts About The District

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With a boasting heritage and culture, Haryana is the topmost growing state in the country. Having a world-famous historical background, the state has witnessed many important incidents such as Mahabharata in the Vedic period. Even when the state has undergone various developments and modern advancements, the people are still connected to their roots and culture. There are many things that act as a magnet to attract visitors to the state, but lakes in Haryana top the list. This home state to SurajKund mela is quite famous for its water bodies. 

Here’s a list of lakes in Haryana that you can visit for some breathtaking views:


  • SurajKund


Source: Wikipedia

Also called the lake of the sun, Surajkund is an artificial lake overlooking the majestic Aravali hills. This tourist spot in Faridabad is quite popular among travellers because of its historical significance. 



  • Brahma Sarovar


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Brahma Sarovar is a holy tank situated in the sacred city Kurukshetra. This divine tank is the most exquisite and breathtaking site in the town. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this water body has a temple in the centre which can be reached through a concrete bridge. The place remains lively throughout the year.



  • Badkhal Lake


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Located in Badkhal village near Faridabad, this lake is another gem of the crown of Haryana. Known for its scenic beauty, Badkhal lake is surrounded by Aravali hills making it a must-visit place during the monsoon as throughout the year it remains dried and only fills up with rainwater. Isn’t it interesting? 



  • Damdama Lake


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With an area of about 12.14 sq km, Damdama Lake is again a rainwater lake. Located in Sohna near Gurugram, this lake serves as a home to hundreds of local as well as migratory birds. 



  • Karna Lake


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Source: Tripadvisor

Coming to the other jewel among the lakes in Haryana, Karna Lake. This lake located in the Karn city- Karnal, is a picturesque tourist spot. It is said that the Indian mythological character from Mahabharat namely Karna, used to take bath in this lake. Now, it is a popular traveller spot. One can enjoy spotting birds or watching the sunset by rowing a boat in this lake. 


The vast farmlands, diverse landscapes, ideal connectivity, art infrastructure, and the modern element in villages make the state able to facilitate the shooting for the media sector. Positioned among the wealthiest and most economically developed regions in South Asia, Haryana has the most unique history. From the land witnessing the folk tale battle of Mahabharata at Kurukshetra and the renowned battle of Panipat to being the basis of Indus valley civilization, the state gives us ample reason to explore the culturally enriched spots. Not forgetting the pure lakes in Haryana being another reason. 

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